Successful 1st year graduates may apply to attend 2nd year if they believe the Lord is leading them to
do so. Second Year students take the skills and core values they have learned in First Year and begin to
incorporate them into their calling. They learn leadership principles to gain understanding on how to lead people and establish the Kingdom in every realm of society. They study past revivals and revivalists from history and investigate them with a view to forging similar dynamics in their own lives.
Second Year students have the opportunity to travel in small groups, with our leaders as the ministry
team. They demonstrate signs and wonders, and may sometimes train the local congregation in
supernatural ministry.


The base course fees are £2800.

From Saturday 1st July 2017 Application submitted and full fees or deposit received. Total fees = £2800 or Deposit of £850 + three termly payments of £650. Deposit and first terms payment must be received before start of school term.

We also provide 30% off for the 2nd person from the same household doing the course at the same time. Please contact the office for more information.

How to Raise Support
3rd October 2017 to 14th December 2017
2nd January 2018 to 15th March 2018
10th April 2018 to 28th June 2018

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How to Raise Support