What to expect

“Can we stop fighting for an open heaven and realise we already have one?” – Bill Johnson

The school’s culture will help you to meet God as you “do life”. One example of this is that the
school will have no general restriction on dating for our single people, which is so common
to ministry schools. Rather, we have chosen to teach how to have healthy relationships
and live in purity. Of course, learning without a lot of external restrictions will create a
need for high level of discipleship, personal responsibility and accountability in the lives of
our students. This will be accomplished through small group interaction and a covenant
community which embraces honesty, transparency and confrontation.

LSSM is not for those who are looking for a place to rehab or for people coming out of
lifestyle sins. The school is designed to be a ministry training centre where you encounter
your royal identity, learn the attributes of the Kingdom and walk in the authority and
power of the King.