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On behalf of the London School of Supernatural Ministry (LSSM) This year, we are launching our support campaign and we wondered if you would be interested in being a part of that?

Regular Giving One-Off Gift

London School of Supernatural Ministry (LSSM) came about in 2011 through a prophetic vision that Andrew Chapman received, the founder of LSSM, during his trip to Bethel Church in Redding California. The instruction was to –

1. Establish a school to deliver Bethel’s full curriculum in London to make the course accessible nationwide

2. Develop a community of like minded and spirited Christians across different streams bonded in the spirit of unity, (Psalms 133) He is coming back for one Bride after all.

3. Partner and steward the revival that is currently taking place here.

Following that, there was a year engaging with God’s passion and heart for London as well as connecting with people from different streams within the Body of Christ and hearing from Papa His heart for London and the Body that resides in there. In 2012, LSSM was officially launched and began running it’s first year of delivering BSSM full curriculum.

Five years later, we are starting to see what this looks like for London through receiving encouraging report and testimonies from healing on the streets, prophecies being used quite strategically and responsibly in various mountains of society from business and government to family and churches. As Co-directors Sophia and Andrew have developed mission and vision statement that are beginning to put a language on how we are seeing our Father move here in London, developing a core team as well as what we as an organisation look like starting from this question:

How does God change a capital city?
The answer has been surprisingly simple: through His people who by knowing who they are as sons and daughters of the Living King can release Heaven on Earth (Matthew 6:10)
As the vision develops, so does the work of the school but we need your help (Neh 4:6). There are a couple of areas we would really appreciate your support and help in. They are:

Prayer and Intercession
Prayer, intercession and worship make up the core of what we do as a school. We believe we are ambassadors of the Kingdom so prayer aligned to the will of the Father works, intercession that focuses on Heavenly agreements shifts atmospheres and situations around for the good and worship honours and celebrates Who our King is.
We are seeking to raise 50 intercessors who will cover the school in prayer and release Heavenly agreements to not only with what we are doing here, but also to members of the Kingdom family we are developing relationships with across different streams as well as friends and partners who are contributing financially to the school. If you would like to become and intercessor then please send your details to

Financial giving
LSSM did not begin with a start up fund and we do not receive any governmental grants or external funds, yet. We are not birthed from a church as we felt the school should be made available to anyone from any church which results in a beautiful mix of sons or daughters learning and growing together to bless their own churches and their areas of influence. To expand our range of programme and services to train those in specific realms of society such as government, business and education to media and creativity – it requires finances.

We would like to raise £50,000, which will go towards
1.Growing and developing our core team and worship team
2.Developing our relationships in different realms of society and delivering courses there
3.Developing our meeting space to use as a creative and business hub outside of school hours
4.Developing resources to encourage and train those to bring the Kingdom to every area of society

A regular giving of £50 a month really makes a difference. All the information about supporting the school can be found on To set up a regular gift please click here or a “one-off” gift please click here.

We are very excited to see the testimonies of what Papa is doing in the student’s lives and through the school. You can read some of them on our website click here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We always encourage people to ask God what they should do and how they should support this part of what He is doing in the city.

Blessings and Peace

Sophia Chumber and Andrew Chapman
Co-Directors of London School of Supernatural Ministry