Here at LSSM we use the complete Bethel (BSSM) DVD Curriculum facilitated by our own LSSM leaders. In these groups you will discuss and carry out the activations in large groups, revival groups, small groups of 5 and also on your own. There are also additional training Sessions called ‘The Hive’. Here we bring in many leaders from across London to share their life messages. These sessions will deepen your understanding and experience in a focused way and at a high level. In recent times areas we have covered include: Leading Worship, Children’s Ministry, Preaching, Prophecy, Intercession, Intimacy with God, Film and Media, Evangelism (to specific people groups), Business and also Politics… to name but a few! Every week you will be transformed through preaching, instruction, impartation, equipping and doing.

Reading in your own time is expected and is a large part of our curriculum.
You will read the entire Bible along with approximately 13 additional exciting books throughout the full year.

There will be outreach ministry each week and optional additional ministry events and trips throughout the year. Occasionally there may be a need to raise extra funds for optional events if this is something you would like to be a part of.

Our School Weekend Retreat is a highlight of the year and is included in the School fees! This is where, encompassed by beautiful surroundings, students and staff begin to relax and cultivate family by getting to know each other better through fun, laughter and games! We enjoy extended times of worship, intimacy with God and we all leave with a deeper sense of purpose and connection with God and with each other.