1Day School

One Day School – 2014/15

We are running this school using the material as the first year full-time course but over two years on a part time basis. This includes homework, revival groups (small groups that help you activate the learning), Bible study, 12 course books and a weekend retreat. As members of the school there is also the opportunity to join in with mission trips and conferences. This course covers the same content and ethos as the first year full time course, therefore much of the information can be found on the Full Time course page.
We are running an evening school and are now adding the same format as the evening school but during the day. There are 40 places. Details below.

Thursday Day Timetable
10.30am Doors Open
11.00am Worship & Ministry
11.45pm Teaching
1pm Revival groups
2pm Finish option to join first year full time students on out reach

Saturday Timetable
9.30am Doors Open
10.00am Worship
11.00am Teaching 1
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Teaching 2
3.00pm Revival Groups
3.30pm Outreach
4.30pm Debrief
5.00pm Finish

Financial Information
The cost of the tuition for 2014/15 intake of Full curriculum Evening school is £1,475.
Payment Plan
Option 1 – Full fees paid upfront by 20/09/14
10% discount (saving £147) £1,327
Option 2 – Monthly payments
Non refundable deposit by 20/09/14 £474
Six monthly payments (due 1st of each month) £120

Family Discounts
For married couples and multiple same household family members, we offer a 40% discount that applies to each family member after one student is selected to pay the full amount of tuition. If you qualify for the family discount, we will need you to communicate that with the finance department in order for the discount to be applied to your account.

The cost includes
All textbooks (12 in all over two years)
7 x A4 Manuals (100 pages+) with notes for every teaching session (over two years)
1 x weekend retreat (accommodation & meals etc.) In November 2014
Hire of Venue
Refreshments (hot drinks, water and snacks)

The cost does not include
Cost of optional mission trips
Meals, travel & living expenses.
To apply to join this course please click the link below. We are taking applications on a “first come, first served” basis. Please contact us on 02071128845 if you have any questions.

Click here to apply – 1Day School