More Activations

Passion for God attracts heaven (Matthew 5:6). Think about 5 ways that you can express your passion for God (e.g. taking risks, prophecy, studying the word, healing, serving, evangelism etc.)
Write down some of the things that you’re passionate about that would bring God’s Kingdom to earth in a practical way (e.g. business, education, science, arts). What are you going to do about with this?


God wants us to serve Him out of passion, not sacrifice where we are working towards his vision. We are called to serve out of rest.
Think through a time when you caught yourself working for love and acceptance. What was the outcome of this?
Where are how can you serve?

You are made for a specific purpose and God has given you desires in life that He wants to fulfil. So how do we discover our destiny?
Write down the gifts, talents, abilities and desires you have that could impact the world around you. Are there any correlations?
God can often speak to us through others. Ask someone to prophesy over you this week. Did the words resonate with you?

There’s so much to consider when thinking about the call God has for us, so here are some more activations to add to yesterday.
Spend half an hour sitting with God daydreaming about your vision, or things you would love to accomplish with God. Proverbs 4:23 – our life is shaped around our thoughts.
Reach out to represent Christ in some way this week. Journal what you did and the outcome.

God calls us to walk in both purity and power. We often receive and believe many lies, but we are told to take every thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:5)
Read James 1:14-15 and, using your own words, rewrite the passage using opposite language to describe the process that would result in life instead of death. Be creative! (you may want to give an example).
Count the number of times you were able to turn a lie into a truth today. What was the result in your ability to overcome?

Write down the testimonies of where God has answered your prayers in the past. The word testimony in Hebrew means literally, ‘do it again.’ So as we recall our testimonies, we are allowing for it to happen again.
Are there areas in your life where you need breakthrough? Write them down and then pray into them. Remember, your prayers are powerful and effective (James 5:16).

We looked at prophesy in our third session at Spring Harvest, but we wanted to give you some more fun activations to do!
Prophesy over yourself and write down what God says about you. Remember, it needs to be encouraging and strengthening.
Now take your prophetic gift out into the community and prophesy over a stranger! Remember, you don’t need to call it prophesy, you could ask someone if they would like an encouraging word – no one wants to turn that down.

We are going to look at some healing activations again today.
Take God’s healing power out with you into the community and pray for someone who needs healing. What was the outcome? How did you feel afterwards? How did you feel from this experience? (You may want to share how you first found this etc.)