"Evangelism isn't something we fear; it's an extension of who we are." Celene Sullivan (Year One Student)

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While out on a recent 'Treasure Hunt' on my list I had a picture of a man in a hat by a station and I spotted a man who resembled him! After we had approached him we had a very awkward moment as we had to reassure him we were not soliciting (!) before he allowed us to actually pray for him..... Phew!

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T H E H I V E - M I S S I O N On the 18th May from 2pm - 4pm, Jodie Collins will be joining us at The Hive. Jodie, alongside her family, set up Beyond Ourselves, a charity who's heart it is to live generously and make a difference. Beyond Ourselves partner with three community schools in Zambia to help bring much needed education, nutrition and basic medical care to the orphans and vulnerable children in those communities. It's totally free, so join us to hear more about mission:

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T H E H I V E - D A R R E N W O L F On Thursday 11th May from 2pm - 4pm we will be be joined by Darren Wolf from CCSPITS. Darren is an East London boy and started working at CCSPITS in 2014. Darren has a huge set of skills in operational and strategic development and he loves discipling people and teaching the gospel. He will be sharing what he has been learning in his role and how he has seen God move in this area of London. It's free, so join us:

~ FIRESTARTERS, THE CONFERENCE ~ Join us on the 23rd to 24th June to pursue passion, purpose and power. Sign up here:

Student Testimony during Firestarters' Course: This was my first time praying for people on the street! A couple of people refused prayer but we got to pray for a man who said he'd never been blessed in prayer like this before. He was grateful and I am going to keep his business card to remind myself of the first person I have prayed for on the streets!

Sudent Testimony during Firestarters' Course: I talked to a guy along the street and I offered him prayer but he said his dad was a pastor and that he hated religion. I said I hated religion too and had previously been put off God. However I shared that I had since learnt that it is about a relationship with God not about behaviour. God loves us and wants us to come to Him as we are. He was surprised and said this was refreshing to hear. He smiled and we shook hands before we left. I really could see that God was reaching out to him.

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Student Testimony: We chatted to a girl giving out leaflets in Brick Lane. We had met her previously and prayed for her painful leg twice before which sadly was still hurting. She did say that she had thought of us guys recently as a few weeks ago she had requested that we pray for her finances and out of the blue a distant aunt had sent her £250 that same week! I was able to tell her what a loving God we have who cares about the things she does like a good daddy. We prayed for her leg once again and left. We look forward to seeing her again.

Student testimony: My Grandma got healed at a 'Miracle Evening' back at my home church in my home country of having back problems for six years. She is now dancing!

Visitor Testimony following our March Open Day: I had a picture of 'Apples' on my Treasure Hunt list so we went to Sainsbury's and approached a lady near the apple counter standing outside. She refused prayer but started talking to us. Later we returned by that same way and she was still there by the apples and my heart went out to her. I so longed for her to know that Jesus is her friend. We went on and who should walk by us but the same 'Apples' lady - this time with her boyfriend. The other student with me shared an accurate prophetic word for him and I got to tell the girl that Jesus loved her so much and encouraged her to read the Bible!

Student Testimony: While taking part in a Treasure Hunt I had a picture of a 'Woman in a red hat'. After approaching two men in red hats who said no to prayer, the third person was a woman in a red hat who was really encouraged and exclaimed that I'd made her day!

Student Testimony: We had a wonderful time out on the Treasure Hunt. We approached people we thought were on our lists but most people were in a hurry and couldn't stop. Then we spotted another guy who was a match on our list We asked him if he had a headache and he said he was indeed recovering from a very bad migraine so he accepted prayer. We prayed for a couple more people and were then invited into a shop after we blessed the shop owner. We were shown to a lady sitting in the corner who we also got to pray for. She said she didn't know why she had welcomed us in but was pleased she had. She then offered to bless us!

Student Testimony: While out on a 'Treasure Hunt' I noticed a lovely old lady who I thought was on my list. I asked her politely if she had any loss of feeling in her left leg. Bless her! She turned round and said 'I don't, but you will if you don't go away!!' I apologised and she threatened me twice so I hastily headed off, a little shocked at the experience!

Student Testimony: So out on our Treasure Hunt I had the word 'elbow' but didn't find anyone with a painful elbow. I had 'David' on my list but found a 'Derek' instead who turned out to have a tragic story. We listened as he poured out his life story and he even shared a rap song with us that he had written about his life! We were able to share about Jesus before moving on to look for more clues that were on our list.

Student Testimony: There was a couple coming towards us and the man was hobbling. I had 'Right Foot' on my Treasure Hunt list so I asked him about it. He said the pain was in his right leg so we offered to pray and afterwards he thanked us. We then asked him to test it out and he seemed to walk off! But he was just testing it because then he came back. He gave us a weird look and said that the pain was going. He carried on testing it out and then declared that it was completely better! We explained it was Jesus who had healed him. It was pretty cool!

Visitor Testimony at our March Open Day: We had 'BR' on our treasure Hunt list and realised this was in fact Brick Lane that we were walking down! I have been trying to get prophetic names right for years and not succeeded so I was determined to try again today. This time one of the names on my list was 'John'. A man passed us by and I thought about the name so I asked him if his name was 'John' and he said 'Yes'! I think I was more shocked than he was! The other student prompted me to explain about our Treasure Hunt. He was open to be prayed for and we were able to bless him. How amazing!

Student Testimony: Two of us had the name 'Jan' on our Treasure Hunt list. We asked several people along the way if their name was 'Jan' but they all said no! Some of the people accepted prayer anyway. I also had the word 'Phoenix' on my list and on our way back we saw a picture of a phoenix on a security sign so we rang the number and asked for 'Jan'! Amazingly the man at the other end said 'Yes! I'm Jan'. (We think it was Juan or Jean). Anyway, we explained about our Treasure Hunt and that we felt God had led us to him and offered him prayer. He thanked us that we were out and about praying but didn't want prayer himself. But we were really excited at the clues that led us to him!