Visitor Testimony following our March Open Day: I had a picture of 'Apples' on my Treasure Hunt list so we went to Sainsbury's and approached a lady near the apple counter standing outside. She refused prayer but started talking to us. Later we returned by that same way and she was still there by the apples and my heart went out to her. I so longed for her to know that Jesus is her friend. We went on and who should walk by us but the same 'Apples' lady - this time with her boyfriend. The other student with me shared an accurate prophetic word for him and I got to tell the girl that Jesus loved her so much and encouraged her to read the Bible!

Student Testimony: While taking part in a Treasure Hunt I had a picture of a 'Woman in a red hat'. After approaching two men in red hats who said no to prayer, the third person was a woman in a red hat who was really encouraged and exclaimed that I'd made her day!

Student Testimony: We had a wonderful time out on the Treasure Hunt. We approached people we thought were on our lists but most people were in a hurry and couldn't stop. Then we spotted another guy who was a match on our list We asked him if he had a headache and he said he was indeed recovering from a very bad migraine so he accepted prayer. We prayed for a couple more people and were then invited into a shop after we blessed the shop owner. We were shown to a lady sitting in the corner who we also got to pray for. She said she didn't know why she had welcomed us in but was pleased she had. She then offered to bless us!

Student Testimony: While out on a 'Treasure Hunt' I noticed a lovely old lady who I thought was on my list. I asked her politely if she had any loss of feeling in her left leg. Bless her! She turned round and said 'I don't, but you will if you don't go away!!' I apologised and she threatened me twice so I hastily headed off, a little shocked at the experience!

Student Testimony: So out on our Treasure Hunt I had the word 'elbow' but didn't find anyone with a painful elbow. I had 'David' on my list but found a 'Derek' instead who turned out to have a tragic story. We listened as he poured out his life story and he even shared a rap song with us that he had written about his life! We were able to share about Jesus before moving on to look for more clues that were on our list.

Student Testimony: There was a couple coming towards us and the man was hobbling. I had 'Right Foot' on my Treasure Hunt list so I asked him about it. He said the pain was in his right leg so we offered to pray and afterwards he thanked us. We then asked him to test it out and he seemed to walk off! But he was just testing it because then he came back. He gave us a weird look and said that the pain was going. He carried on testing it out and then declared that it was completely better! We explained it was Jesus who had healed him. It was pretty cool!

Visitor Testimony at our March Open Day: We had 'BR' on our treasure Hunt list and realised this was in fact Brick Lane that we were walking down! I have been trying to get prophetic names right for years and not succeeded so I was determined to try again today. This time one of the names on my list was 'John'. A man passed us by and I thought about the name so I asked him if his name was 'John' and he said 'Yes'! I think I was more shocked than he was! The other student prompted me to explain about our Treasure Hunt. He was open to be prayed for and we were able to bless him. How amazing!

Student Testimony: Two of us had the name 'Jan' on our Treasure Hunt list. We asked several people along the way if their name was 'Jan' but they all said no! Some of the people accepted prayer anyway. I also had the word 'Phoenix' on my list and on our way back we saw a picture of a phoenix on a security sign so we rang the number and asked for 'Jan'! Amazingly the man at the other end said 'Yes! I'm Jan'. (We think it was Juan or Jean). Anyway, we explained about our Treasure Hunt and that we felt God had led us to him and offered him prayer. He thanked us that we were out and about praying but didn't want prayer himself. But we were really excited at the clues that led us to him!

Student Testimony from our March Open Day: We went out for a Treasure Hunt which was fun! I had put on my list someone with rainbow coloured hair wearing Doctor Martin boots! I also had 'broken heart' but didn't write that down. We spotted someone with rainbow hair! We offered her prayer and she asked us to pray for her broken heart (!) and said we had made her day! Wow! Treasure Hunts with God can be exciting! If you have not tried it give it a go and see what fun you have while blessing others at the same time!

Visitor Testimony from our March Open Day: It was a big thing for me to step out while out doing Street Ministry with the team. I offered to pray for a lady who said she was a Muslim. And it was the first time I had prayed for somebody who was a Muslim! You may be surprised how many people in the street are keen to be prayed for!

Visitor Testimony at our March Open Day: I went out with a team to offer prayer to shop owners. I felt it was easier when they had no customers and I received a good reception from them. I even shared my testimony with a Turkish man about how God had turned the lights on for me!

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Our students and visitors were encouraged to take risks at our March Open Day while out for a 'Walk'. One visitor reported back: The risk I took was offering to pray for a complete stranger in the street for the first time! For some of us even smiling at someone you see in the street, train or shops is a risk. What risk are you prepared to take today to bless someone?

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Another great photo entry for our competition of London photos. This one from Rachel Redfern is entitled 'Contrasts'.....

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Student Testimony: This morning I had just get out the train and noticed a Romanian man in a cast with a broken leg so I offered to pray for him. He was confused at first so I explained that Jesus will heal him. I prayed and asked him to try it. He stood up and he said it felt much better. I prayed again and his face showed amazement that all pain was gone! He was so shocked that he kept doing the Catholic 'sign of the cross' gesture! We assured him it was Jesus! I even got to try out a little Romanian that I know!

Student Testimony: We went into a local supermarket and noticed a guy on crutches. I used to be scared of approaching groups but since stepping out I now have no fear of this. I asked him what had happened and if he wanted the pain to go. He looked a bit scared and I explained that I pray in Jesus' name. He agreed and I asked him how it felt. He started walking and exclaimed that the pain was gone! One of his friends started recording the whole thing! I explained that it was Jesus and that they could all talk to Him. Awesome!

An afternoon in the life of an LSSM student: I asked if I could bless a lady's jewellery business at the market. She said 'Yes please' and then said 'Oh, of course, it's Tuesday isn't it!' Meaning - 'That's when you guys usually come out and pray for people'! We were then drawn to another stall with some odd wooden objects on. We offered the lady a prophetic word but she didn't respond. We talked to another guy on a stall selling unusual T shirts. I then had a word for a guy who walked off before I could talk to him! And then someone else recognised us from last week who we had prayed for and we talked about how things had been since as we had prayed he'd secure a contract. Sometimes it can be very natural doing 'Street Ministry' which is why we call it 'Going for a walk'!

Simon Sullivan submitted this very creative photo for our recent competition of photos of London. There are a few people from LSSM we recognise in there too!

Student Testimony: On our ministry afternoon at LSSM we revisited a food shop where we had previously prayed for a lady and daughter who worked there. We got to pray for a different one of her daughters this time! We then visited a chocolate shop because I wanted chocolate (!) and offered the shop assistant prayer. Afterwards we passed 'Crisis' and so I encouraged some of the staff who were smoking outside and thanked them for what they do for the homeless. I realise Holy Spirit is talking to me but I do not always recognise it's Him. So the fact that I wanted chocolate most likely was His way of leading me to someone who needed God's touch. I am becoming aware that things that I do quite naturally can be used by God for Kingdom purposes!

Student Testimony: We were on the way back to LSSM after praying for several people when we passed a lady sitting on a bench who appeared to be sad with her head down. The other student and I both felt the need turn round and go back so we asked her if she was alright. She said her knee was giving her so much pain that she couldn't walk any further. We offered prayer and she was so pleased. It turned out she was a Christian. We asked her to try her leg out and there was improvement. We prayed again. This time we encouraged her to get up and as she did she started smiling and got quite excited that she could now walk! She asked for our details and thanked us profusely for stopping to pray. Look out for people who could really need a touch from God today. If you walk passed you can always go back!